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Be a Good Web Detective


Evaluating Web Sites      Detective

REMEMBER: Anyone can put a site on the Web, and 
it is NOT illegal to put incorrect information on the Web. 

Using the Internet is like becoming a detective. You must learn to check out websites for clues that will tell you if the site is a great one, an O.K. one, or a poor one.  A good detective must know where the author is coming from or what their purpose is (the author's point of view). Sites are often written for the following purposes: to sell something, to educate, to sound off, or to organize for or support a cause.

                                                    A good web site has information you can trust.

A good detective will know how to look for clues to determine

what type of site they are looking at.


These are some characteristics of a good Web site:

  1. You can easily find who wrote or sponsors the site.

  2. There is an e-mail or postal address for the author.

  3. The site loads easily, works the way it's supposed to, and has links that are all active.

  4. The information is easy to read.

  5. The site should be interesting and fun to look at and spend time on.

  6. There should be a date that shows when the site was made or updated.

Extremely good Web sites are good in all these things.


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