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Good research requires a good plan. What are my questions, and where will I find the answers?

Watch the short overview video, and then visit the "Learn to" box at the right to get started.

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  • What types of sources or materials should you use?
  • How many research sources do you need?
  • What are your choices for research sources?
  • What keywords will you use?
  • When is your project due?
  • Check the "Learn to" box at the top right to get started!

Define Your Project

Spanish Resources

Presentation Resources: How-to's and scoring guides for various project types such as debates, videos, written and oral reports, etc.

Check out the Collaboration Plans for ideas!

ODE's Support Materials for Teaching and Learning

21st Century Skills

Planning Your Project

Biography Planner     PDF RTF

Creating Questions Worksheet     PDF RTF

Display ideas     PDF RTF

Essential Questions     PDF RTF

Interviews     PDF RTF

KWL Chart     PDF RTF

Letter to Teacher about Progress     PDF RTF

Mind Map "How To" Video

Online Research Planner PDF Be sure you PRINT this planner after you enter your answers!  AND before you close it!!!

Note Taking Ideas     PDF RTF

Self-Check Research Quiz     PDF RTF

Weekly Planner     PDF RTF


Research Self-Check


How to Choose Resources

Library Catalog Activity

Encyclopedia Activity

Dictionary Activity

Almanac Activity

Atlas Activity

Oregon Blue Book Activity

Interviewing People Activity

Choose Resources Self-Check


Improve Your Research Skills

Scavenger Hunt to use with all lessons.
  1. Scavenger Hunt RTF
  2. Scavenger Hunt PDF




  1. Keyword Activity #1 RTF
  2. Keyword Activity #1 PDF
  3. Keyword Activity #2 RTF
  4. Keyword Activity #2 PDF
  5. Keyword Activity #3 RTF
  6. Keyword Activity #3 PDF


Subject Search STUDENT VIEW


  1. Subject Search RTF
  2. Subject Search PDF


Boolean Search STUDENT VIEW


  1. Boolean Search 1 RTF
  2. Boolean Search 1 PDF
  3. Boolean Search 2 RTF
  4. Boolean Search 2 PDF


Quotation Marks STUDENT VIEW


  1. Using Quotation Marks PDF




  1. Truncation RTF
  2. Truncation PDF




  1. Wildcard RTF

  2. Wildcards PDF


Find Information Self-Check

Pre or Post Tests

  1. Find Info Quiz RTF
  2. Find Info Quiz RTF Key
  3. Find Info Quiz PDF
  4. Find Info Quiz PDF Key
Resources: Plan


Information Literacy eBooks listed by Research Step

Information Literacy eBooks alphabetical list

Research Videos listed by Research Step

Research Videos alphabetical list

Online Research Planner (worksheet)

Research Process Rubric (guide)