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Research Examples

Use these ideas to do some basic practice with the different elements on the Research Process How-To, or to give you some ideas for research projects.


Use the Research Planning Sheet (PDF) to lay out the framework for your research and to keep track of what you find and where you find it. Remember that your ideas need to be backed up with factual information.

Situation 1:

You've been discussing cloning with some of your friends. One of them is adamant that cloning humans is a good idea, but you aren't so sure. To refute his claims, you need some facts. Research some basic background on cloning and then be ready to debate whether or not the cloning of humans has scientific merit and what the ethical issues are related to cloning.

Situation 2:

Your state is getting ready to institute tougher restrictions on first-time drivers. Among your friends, most are complaining because they think teens are being unfairly targeted. You don't like the idea of your privileges being reduced (especially when you are so close to getting your driver's license!), but you suspect that there are some good reasons that the restrictions are being put in place. Research teen driving, accident rates and what factors affect teens' abilities as drivers. From your research, develop a list of reasons that graduated licensing is an effective way to reduce teen drivers' accident rates.

Situation 3:

You've come into a windfall and you are planning to make a major purchase of a computer, skateboard, or bicycle (or another major item of your choice). Choose one of these items to research. Determine what features you will need and why. Then use your "market research" to determine what the best buy for you would be. Defend your choice with the data you found that supports your decision.

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