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Citation Worksheets

For elementary, based on MLA 8th edition


These worksheets are based on the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook. You may want to record the citation information on the appropriate worksheet before using Citation Maker. 

MLA Citation Worksheets


  • Book (1 and 2 author/s)    Word   PDF
  • Book (none and 3 or more authors)    Word   PDF
  • Book (1 and 2 editor/s)    Word   PDF
  • Book (3 or more editors)    Word   PDF
  • Encyclopedia Article    Word   PDF
  • Magazine Article    Word   PDF
  • Newspaper Article    Word   PDF


  • Encyclopedia Article    Word   PDF
  • Magazine Article    Word   PDF
  • Newspaper Article    Word   PDF




Tips for Using the MLA Citation Worksheets

Each citation type fills a full or half page. For student use, you can print multiple copies and for some, cut them in half to save paper.

You can print the worksheets for Print, Database, Online, and Other resources on different colors to make it easier to quickly grab the correct type being requested.

Or, print each individual form on a different color. Students can keep these "citation forms" in their folders until they are ready to enter them on the Citation Maker.