OSLIS Contributors

The OSLIS committee would like to thank the many people who contributed to OSLIS over the years. If you know of someone who should be included, please use the Feedback form to let us know. 

Steve Bahr

Rushton Brandeis

Shelly Buchanan

Beth Capsey

Diane Claus-Smith

Marian Creamer

MaryKay Dahlgreen, former State Librarian

Martha Dechard

Deanna Draper

Gus Frederick

Kathryn Grant

Alan Griffin

Jean Gritter

Dolores Johnston

Marilyn Kelly

JoAnn Klassen

Stephanie Klein

Marlene Lee

Gail Leslie

Melanee Lucas

Mary Kerns

Jen Maurer

Jim Maxwell

Nicki Maxwell

Mary McClintock

Victoria McDonald

Deb Melynchenko

Jamie Miller

Janet Murray

Shelly Peng

Tara Perkins

Jan Peterson-Terjeson

Larry Pitcher

Sharon Porter

Nancy Powell

Thor Pritchard

Mark Schalock

Jim Scheppke, former State Librarian

Dennis Schultz

Molly Sloan

Patty Sorensen

Sheryl Steinke

Casey Sundermann

Kate Vance

Melinda Warburg

Garnetta Wilker

Char Wisely

Cheryl Young